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Almost two years after our last announcement and over one and a half year after we ceased operations, TUI is now back and starting from the bottom. At the moment we operate one Airbus A310-200F (TUI Cargo) and two ATR 42 (TUIfly). We will be expanding our fleet, destinations and network in the next couple of months as TUI Airlines grows. 

Today the new meetings about the winter season and offers will begin. TUIfly Nordic, Corsairfly, Thomson Airways, Arkefly, TUIfly and Jetairfly will be present at the meetings and the offers and decisions will be released by the start of October.  

Today TUI Airlines met in Copenhagen to discuss the future of hubs, slots and airline fleets. After today's meeting, Thomson Airways and Corsairfly will no longer operate to and from Gaborone, Africa. Gaborone will be removed as a hub and be replaced by Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Des Moines will serve as a hub to USA and flights will be operated daily to and from Des Moines.

Our CEO made the following announcement today:
Today two of our airlines ceased operations from our hub in Africa and I hope this won't affect our customers or airlines. We will replace the Gaborone hub with a hub in Des Moines after customer requests. We will operate daily and it will serve as a major international gateway to USA and for TUI.

Due to low request and demand, TUIfly Nordic will cease all operations from Gaborone. Corsairfly and Thomson Airways will continue operating flights to and from Gaborone weekly until August 6. A new meeting will be held in Copenhagen and the hub in Gaborone will be discussed.

Our CEO made the following announcement on this subject:
I can't deny that the Gaborone hub isn't making a lot of profit and I understand why TUIfly Nordic decided to cease operations from Gaborone. I hope this won't affect the other airlines and our customers. We will discuss the matter in Copenhagen on August 6, if we come to any conclusion, you will be the first to know.


Today TUI bought 2 Airbus A380-800, 3 Boeing 727-200 and 1 Boeing 787-3 to upgrade our fleet. Within the next few days, the airplanes will be placed in the right airline within TUI.


Today Corsairfly received an Airbus 380-800 to serve Corsairfly as well as other airlines in TUI. Due to this delivery, their previous airliner, Boeing 777-200LR, will be moved to TUIfly Nordic to operate long haul flights. The Boeing 777-200LR will remain in the TUI livery until new liveries such as TUIfly Nordic, World of TUI and Fritidsresor liveries are complete and ready to be painted on the aircraft.

The Airbus 380-800 will operate from Paris, London LHR, Stockholm and Frankfurt. Connection flights to these hubs will be operated by TUIfly and Thomson Airways. The Airbus 380-800 will receive the Corsairfly-TUI livery and aircraft ID F-HSEA.


Today Corsairfly received their first aircraft, a Boeing 777-200LR to serve Corsairfly as well as other airlines in TUI. The airliner will operate mainly from Paris, London and Manchester to Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Fort Lauderdale (Miami), San Diego, Queenstown and Phuket. In a few days, the aircraft will receive the Corsairfly-TUI livery and aircraft ID F-HSEI.


Today TUI entered a codeshare agreement with AriSol Airways. The agreement is codesharing on routes to and from our Africa Hub: Gaborone. From today, and until the codeshare agreement ends, all TUI and AriSol Airways customers are able to purchase connection flights from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania to and from Gaborone. The codeshare agreement will benefit both airlines as well as our customers with easy transfer flights, fast airliner switches and a even bigger offer of destinations and holiday packages.

Our CEO made an annoucement today;
- We are happy to be entering this codeshare with AriSol Airways. This agreement will benefit both of us and hopefully satisfy our customers to a larger degree. From today, and at least for the summer, we offer connection flights from Europe, North America and Asia to Gaborone and direct flights from Gaborone to London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, New York, Queenstown and Singapore as well as short haul routes within Africa departing from our new hub Gaborone. Within the next couple of days, we will add additional aircrafts to our fleets and we will be hiring new staff to TUI management, aircraft crew and customer support department. This is all for today, thank you.

Within the next couple of days, new aircrafts and changes will be made to the Airlines in TUI. TUIfly Nordic's Boeing 757-200 will be moved to Arkefly during the summer and TUIfly Nordic will receive a new Boeing 787-3. Corsairfly will receive an Airbus A380-800 in the start of next month and Thomson Airways will start operating from Manchester Intl to a wide choice of destinations.



Today Thomson Airways received a Boeing 727-200 which will be operating from London LHR and Manchester.


Today our first 757-200 arrived and we are happy to announce new routes and additional flights within Europe and our new connections to Asia and North America. Our new 757-200 will serve Europe and North America daily and Asia weekly. The 757-200 will be placed in the TUIfly Nordic fleet for the summer and moved to Thomson Airways, Arkefly or TUIfly for the winter season.